Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Working plein air

The weather was so nice this afternoon, so I decided to work outdoors.  I finished this painting of racehorses then caught up with two caricature commissions that I had been putting off.  Got some odd looks from passers by.
Working down in Northumberland and Co Durham, Friday, Saturday, and I have around eight hours to spare between jobs, so I plan to take my paints and paper with me.  Probably will get more puzzled looks as I sit in my car painting.  But if the weather is as warm as it was today, I will be doing the old plein air once more.

Monday, 11 April 2011



I work away at my new passion, watercolours.  Trying to be as loose as possible.  My caricatures have also been executed in a loose style for years.  There is another art that I am deeply involved in.  An art that is so removed from my usual loose style.  Cutting silhouettes is a very exact art.  These profiles are cut freehand from black paper in about two minutes.  I do walkabout at corporate events or weddings, cutting silhouettes on the move.  Sometimes it becomes difficult, especially in low light function rooms.  It is also quite tricky in crowded areas.  I haven't stabbed anyone yet though.
This silhouette is of my daughter.  I mounted it between two pieces of glass.  This allows a shadow to fall on to the white background.  What is achieved is a floating profile.  Still not getting enough gigs doing this.  People are generally ignorant of this French art, but when they see it they love it.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Back to watercolours.

Another wedding yesterday, doing loose impressionistic caricatures.  Now today I painted a very noble looking lioness resting in the sun.  Continuing with my loose style.  It is just as well that I don't cut silhouettes in this way.  They would look like confetti!

Resting in the sun