Sunday, 10 March 2013


It is snowing outside right now, (Sunday) but the weather forecast for next weekend in Glasgow is for it to be dry all day.  Hard to believe, and they have got it all wrong before.

Anyway, Saturday is 3DDDay for me.  Confused?  That is the day that I have arranged with Celtic Football Club to do a 3D chalk painting outside the stadium prior to their home match against Aberdeen.  The picture above is a simulation of what I am hoping the final picture will look like.

If you know anything about 3D art work, you will understand that there is an awful lot of forced perspective going on.  For instance, this figure of Jimmy Johnstone will appear life size, but in actual fact his legs alone will be twelve feet long.  The perspective then changes as the figure is continued up the concrete pillar and the raised arm is yet another plane, as it is at right angles to the upper body.

Even I am starting to get confused here!  But if everything works out OK, the figure of Jimmy Johnstone, when viewed from a distance of ten feet, should be life size.  I will then be inviting fans to stand level with Jimmy's feet for a photograph (with their own phone). If all works out well, they should be the same size as the drawn figure.

It is all being done for Celtic's charity to help the needy in Africa.  Celtic charity reps will be there with donation buckets, so if you are passing Celtic Park on Saturday,  say hello and drop some change in the bucket.


  1. Sounds a bit technical to me but Good Luck with the event Brian.

  2. Will be really interested to see how it turns out.... they are superb feats of art and a real test of perspective...... sounds like you have got it all under control!! Just one thing what happens if it rains just as you have completed it?

  3. Ha Ha. You must have seen the forecast. It has changed to snow now! Who knows? I will be taking along a sponge and bucket anyway. As it is not my property I will need to leave it as I found it. The idea is to take plenty of photos and collect as much charity cash as possible, then destroy the art work. Hopefully the forecast will change again. If it doesn't come off this weekend I will reschedule for another day.
    Thanks for looking in.

  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing the process and completed work. You have set yourself a real challenge here. Great subject, great place.

  5. Thanks Mick. I was actually being a little sneaky, picking this subject. It is perfectly set up for this type of drawing. Very symmetrical. There is a vertical line straight up from his feet through his face. Helps a lot with my confidence in carrying out the task. Not so confident about the weather. But, hey ho! There will be other dry days.


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