Monday, 25 June 2012

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum Alloway

One of the advantages of living in North Ayrshire is that I am only a half hour drive from the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway.

I was invited down there by Hannah Teesdale, the learning officer at the museum.  Between us, we are hoping to host a presentation on Silhouette Art during the lifetime of Robert Burns, sometime in November this year.Hannah will be taking care of all the organising, including - generating an interest from the general public.Me?    Well, I am hoping to do a background presentation on the exquisite art of Silhouette cutting, past and present.This will be followed by a live demonstration of the cutting process and a light-hearted hands-on workshop.I will take along the raw materials, (paper & scissors)  I just hope there aren't too many injuries!!!  :-)Silhouette scissors are very sharp.

Hannah was kind enough to be my guide as we toured the museum.  It has been a number of years since I have visited the national bard's birthplace.  I was very impressed with the set up.  a very modern museum is now in place, close to the beautiful 'Land O' Burns' gardens and the ever enchanting 'Brig O' Doon'.  Well worth a visit if you are ever in Ayrshire.

If you have never heard of Robert Burns - shame on you!
When friends the world over link arms on the stroke of New Year and sing 'Auld Lang Syne', they should remember that the lyrics of that song were penned by Rabbie Burns.


  1. And then you need to advertise all your skills to do workshops in caricature drawing and watercolour, you definitely have the skills Brian, you just need to share them!!!

  2. Thanks Judith. I really should push for workshops. I have been too lazy in that area! Should use you as a role model. :-)

  3. Love the silhouette demo Brian, as I saw on Facebook! I'm finally getting to the blogging. This is wonderful.


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