Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Silhouettes, Magic and Celtic

Well, 3D day at Celtic Park came and went and not much chalk was used.  I did turn up though and tried my best to beat the elements, but it just wasn't to be!  The rain fell from the heavens relentlessly and after ten minutes the weather finally won the contest.
I shall return though and raise some much needed cash for those starving souls in Africa.  I shall keep you posted.

By a strange coincidence, I was asked along to a Celtic dinner at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews later that same week.  I got the chance to meet and chat with some of the hospitality people whom I have come to know.  I also met past legends, George McCluskey and Dixie Deans.  They enjoyed having their silhouette cut.

It was a very enjoyable night.  
Talking of enjoyable nights, I enjoyed an evening of nostalgia earlier in the month when my old friends from the Scottish Conjurer's Association asked me along to their new home in Glasgow's west end to deliver a lecture on the art of silhouette cutting.  It was great to see all the old faces, and some new ones too.  It has been ten years since I was a member of this establishment.  They were all very receptive to the demonstration and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night.
I was presented with a honorary year's membership, a club tie, a poem written especially for me and a large bag full of balloon creations that my granddaughter loved.  A massive thanks to all those 
talented magicians at the

On stage at the Scottish Conjurer's Association.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


It is snowing outside right now, (Sunday) but the weather forecast for next weekend in Glasgow is for it to be dry all day.  Hard to believe, and they have got it all wrong before.

Anyway, Saturday is 3DDDay for me.  Confused?  That is the day that I have arranged with Celtic Football Club to do a 3D chalk painting outside the stadium prior to their home match against Aberdeen.  The picture above is a simulation of what I am hoping the final picture will look like.

If you know anything about 3D art work, you will understand that there is an awful lot of forced perspective going on.  For instance, this figure of Jimmy Johnstone will appear life size, but in actual fact his legs alone will be twelve feet long.  The perspective then changes as the figure is continued up the concrete pillar and the raised arm is yet another plane, as it is at right angles to the upper body.

Even I am starting to get confused here!  But if everything works out OK, the figure of Jimmy Johnstone, when viewed from a distance of ten feet, should be life size.  I will then be inviting fans to stand level with Jimmy's feet for a photograph (with their own phone). If all works out well, they should be the same size as the drawn figure.

It is all being done for Celtic's charity to help the needy in Africa.  Celtic charity reps will be there with donation buckets, so if you are passing Celtic Park on Saturday,  say hello and drop some change in the bucket.