Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Five years of Renoir in one painting

If you have been following this blog, you will have noticed those lovely big eyes staring out at you behind the 'Life of Brian' title.
Hopefully any art lover, especially a follower of the French Impressionist movement will have recognised this little girl.
She is of course the little girl in the foreground of Renoir's painting, 'Les Parapluies'  -  (the umbrellas).  1881 - 1886
Here is the LINK to the original painting.

And here is my full version of the girl . . .

This was started with watercolour pencils - and finished off with watercolour paints and a brush.

Today's blog title. 'FIVE YEARS OF RENOIR IN ONE PAINTING' is all about the 'Umbrellas' painting.  You can see the change in style across the canvas.  The lower right part of the picture, where this little girl stands is handled in a loose impressionistic way.  Other parts of the painting were finished in a more defined way.  It is a fascinating painting to study.  I have seen this painting close up at the National Gallery in London, and it takes your breath away - as do all Renoir's works.
I have taken parts of Renoir's works and created copies of them before.  I will no doubt add my small version of Renoirs 'Luncheon of the boating party' at some later date.  That one was done in oils many years ago.  Look out for it here.

As way of a contrast - here is another painting I completed a few months ago.  I always enjoy painting musicians and this was no exception.  This is a watercolour study of a Saxophonist.  I gave this to a good friend of mine, who is also a music lover.


  1. Have always loved Renoir, that's a great painting Brian and you know how much I love your musicians!

    1. Cheers Sharon. Try and find a book called 'Renoir my father'. I acquired that book years ago and I must have read it four times. Written by Renoir's son, (obviously). Jean Renoir, who went on to be a famous playwrite and film maker.

  2. Two lovely contrasting images that demonstrate your range of interests and technique. Two first class images.

  3. Love this painting, Brian!!! And Renoir! You can paint one for me any day!!!!
    I had heard about that book, but hadn't bought I'll hunt it down!!! Thanx!


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