Monday, 16 July 2012

Meet Dunno the Clown

This is a loose watercolour portrait I did of my friend Robert McGowan.  AKA Dunno the Clown.

Dunno is a very popular children's entertainer and magician in my part of the world,  Robert along with his wife also runs his shop Duo in Largs, where you can hire balloons for your wedding reception decoration.  This is also the place where you can meet and talk with Dunno the Clown in person.

For this painting, I began by concentrating on the negative space between Dunno and his little friend.  From there, everything became looser as it reached the edges.


  1. That looseness and fading creates a charming vignette. Cracking portrait.

  2. This painting is fabulous, Brian - the light and colours just sparkle and burst off the page!


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