Sunday, 15 July 2012

Henrik Larsson painting

This is my tribute painting to Henrik Larsson.  One of the finest football players ever to have pulled on a Celtic football strip.
I had the pleasure of meeting Henrik a few times,  He is a terrific guy and very humble.
This watercolour of the great number 7 shows him in a typical pose.  He will always be remembered at Celtic Park.  Hail King Henrik!


  1. I agree entirely with your admiration for a great player and yours is a fitting tribute. Football in your part of the world is certainly very interesting at the present time.

  2. Thanks Mick. Yes there isn't much to shout about up here regarding football. Lots of corruption about and sadly SKT TV doesn't throw money at us the way it does down south.
    Anyway - just pleased I don't rely on football to put bread on my table! lol.
    Thanks again for the comment. The painting was donated to a friend who is a big fan of Celtic.


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