Saturday, 22 June 2013

My comedy novel is on Amazon

It's been a great month so far.  BLISTER my comedy novel has finally been published and is available to buy on Amazon and to download as an ebook for your kindle device or app, again from Amazon.

It has lots of action and humour in the story.  It is a dark comedy, (two murders) but plenty of laughs along the way.  Downloading the book is just a click away.  Please have a look and see if you like it.
Here is the direct link.  Click on the word BLISTER to take you direct to the Kindle section. BLISTER  Enjoy!
I have also been doing some loose watercolours recently.  My local art club is having an exhibition at the beginning of August.  These two paintings just might be in contention as submissions.
The guitarist



  1. So impressed Brian... a published book!!! How fantastic is that... hoe you sell lots and lots!!!

  2. Cheers Judith, but after years of trying to find a publisher for Blister, I finally managed to find a way of doing it myself. Self publishing has always cost a fortune, and I was never prepared to pay that kind of money, but I have found a way that is free of charge! I need to do my own marketing, but I don't mind doing that as I treat it as a hobby more than anything. Let me know if you would like to learn more about this. It could be right up your street. I am on my second novel at the moment.


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