Thursday, 23 May 2013

My month of May, so far . . .

Hi there.  Three very different pictures here that sum up my month of May so far, and there is still quite a bit left to go!  The first picture, the silhouette double profile cut, is of  my good friend Cameron Reid and his girlfriend, Annette.  Cameron has just opened a new art store at the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow.  It is aptly named, 'ART'.  I went along to the opening party to help welcoming the guests by offering to cut their silhouettes.  It was a very busy and enjoyable evening.  Good luck to Cameron and Annette.  I am sure the store will grow from strength to strength.
The second picture is a watercolour portrait that I did of my granddaughter, Niamh.  She celebrated her 1st Holy Communion this month.  A fantastic landmark.  Painting this watercolour of Niamh rolled back the years to when I did an oil painting of her mother for her special day.
The last painting is a watercolour that I have completed this very day.  Just keeping my hand in and producing as many portrait and figure work watercolours as possible right now.
I don't allow myself to get 'rusty'.


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