Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Duke

Thought I should add a quickly drawn caricature.  This is more like the kind of drawing that I would produce at events like weddings.  I don't meet many cowboys though  . . . Then again . . .  lol
I drew this to give clients an idea of what the rapid caricatures look like.  At other times I accept commissions and work on them at home.  These are finished in ink and watercolour.
Weddings are perfect for caricatures.  There is always a lull between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.  This is usually when I am hired to entertain the guests.  Each caricature has the wedding date and the bride & groom's names preprinted on the paper.
I have worked at a couple of high profile events throughout the years.  The biggest, I suppose, was the Champions League final at Hampden park, Glasgow.
I also did some work for the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire's garden party at Chatsworth House, and worked at an event in Edinburgh Castle that Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister was hosting, although on those particular occasions I was working as a silhouette artist.

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