Sunday, 9 September 2012

Crumpled paper silhouette

Just tried this technique out for a bit of fun.  Just some scrap paper, some creases and a suitably placed light source.  It works best with sunlight, but as today's weather is a little overcast, I have had to make do with a table lamp.

Already my mind is conjuring up all sorts of possibilities!

Watch this space for more pictures . . . when the sun comes back.  Could be a while!  :-)


  1. Clever! Such a ceative spririt you have Brian. Reminds me of the shadow sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

  2. ....but with far more good taste!!

  3. Thanks Roy. Yes I have seen those sculptures. My experiments will be much smaller. The light source is the main problem. If I was to display any of these at an exhibition I would need to supply a light of some kind. Something to think about.

  4. Fascinating. Just as well you got it done this week, the sun has finished for this year.

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  6. This is really clever, Brian!


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