Saturday, 13 August 2011

Artist's block

I do a bit of writing so I have experienced writer's block quite often.  Now after six months of painting almost every day I have found artist's block after coming home from my holiday in the sun.  Funny thing is though, I painted almost every morning whilst I was away.  I liked to rise early and work on the apartment balcony while the weather was still cool.  My 'block' set in when I came home.  I'm sure that I am getting over it now.  Joined 'Paint My Photo' along with a few friends so  I am getting plenty of encouragement.

Anyway, I decided to do my own version of St Mark's square, Venice whilst I was away.  I very much admire Jean Haines version of this, but hopefully my version adds something different.  Looking forward to doing lots more over the next few weeks. 


  1. I love this piece of art! Wow I hope the block has gone!

  2. Great Painting Brian! full of atmosphere.


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