Monday, 5 November 2012

Loose portraits.

I thought I would add a reference photo along with one of my loose watercolours.  In this way you can see that I choose a focal point in most of my loose portraits.  Once that is established, there is no need for too much detail to be added, even to the point of dispensing with facial features, like the mouth in this case.
This is titled 'Wonder' and hopefully you can see that there is enough in the little girl's expression to justify such a title.  Makes me 'Wonder' how minimal and loose an artist can be in his / her attempt to get the message across.

The ref photo is from Barbra Tester, a member of paint my photo.  A site that has supplied me with most of my ref photos.
A site well worth joining if you are an artist.


  1. You have captured a special sweet moment so very well Brian

  2. You have got her eye Brian, can see how that is the focal point very recognisable as part of your series of portraits... isn't it a gorgeous photo?

  3. Great structure and admirable technique make an absorbing portrait.


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