Thursday, 19 January 2012

Now I tweet

Joined Twitter a few months ago but never really used it much.  That was until I was given an ipad2 for Christmas.  Now I am on Twitter everyday.  Much the same idea as blog writing, though smaller.  Microblogging, I think they call it.
I have found a few twitter people already with similar interests to me and I'm sure that I will find more.  As for painting . . . I haven't been doing much since Christmas.  (ipad2 fault!!!)  I do hope to take up the brushes again soon though.  I have one commission waiting and a few motifs that I have my eye on. 
Back working as a caricaturist.  Been to some interesting gigs, including a job at Celtic park!  Got to see the game for free too.
As I haven't done much painting, I don't have many images to display here, so I thought I would add an old Silhouette that I did as a sample for my website.  It is Martin O'Neil's profile.  I worked for Martin at his private Christmas party when he was the manager of Celtic FC.

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