Friday, 13 April 2012

I have been trying out all different types of art recently.  Was into hand-shadowgraphy for a while - had an urge to return to pyrography, which I enjoyed doing years ago.  I'd also love to have a try at sand art with a light box, but how do you do that as a hobby?  It is a stage show first and foremost.  I would need a video camera, overhead rig and a large light box.  And although I have contacts in the entertainment world, I can't see me lumping all that gear around to gigs.  Much easier with my little briefcase, pencils and paper!
The picture posted above is another little experiment.  This was painted with instant coffee mixed with a drop of hot water and allowed to cool.  Turned out looking very much like one of my old woodburnings.  It is a tricky medium to work with.  I had to work from light to dark.  Once the coffee is on there, you can't budge it.  No lifting out or washing off.  the darker areas which were added last were painted with the dregs.  Small granules of coffee can still be seen in the darkest ateas under his nose.  I had left the area around the eyes as white and very carefully added some faint details.  I wanted to capture the sunlight which is reflected in his eyes.
This is a coloured gentleman from the Bahamas, but I can see a vague likeness to Steve McQueen in his eyes.

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