Thursday, 26 April 2012

'Reflection' . . . a study in light.

I was blown away by a photograph by Ruth Archer recently.  It was bathed in light even though the main figure was almost completely in shadow.  This study of reflected light reminded me in some ways of the Venetian paintings from centuries ago, (Especially the biblical subjects) where there appeared to be a hidden light somewhere in the centre of the painting throwing a warm glow upward.  In this photograph of Ruth's, the sunlight is bouncing off a glass table top and catching the gentleman's face from underneath.  I kept the watercolour version of Ruth's photograph nice and loose; separating the warm and cool colours on his face and splattering warm greens into the cool blues in the foreground and background.  My favourite part is actually his forearm and hand.  A deep violet skin colour is something you would never expect normally, but I feel it works here.


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