Saturday, 28 April 2012

Castles with attitude

I was working at a Scottish castle wedding today, drawing caricatures for a lovely young couple. Great day, nice weather, a free bar and fantastic guests. I have performed at this castle four times now. There are many hidden gems similar to this, dotted around the country. Castles are becoming increasingly popular for wedding venues. This particular castle is very close to Stirling, the site of Wallace's greatest victory. The wedding cake was ceremoniously cut with a massive Braveheart type sword. I had some free time as the wedding party took there seats at the top table. A small brass plaque with an engraved inscription caught my eye. I just had to have a read. It said - 'In 1682 on this spot - nothing happened'. Somehow, I don't believe it was a genuine artefact!


  1. Sounds like there's lots of watercolour inspiration with all that history Brian. Be great to see what you do with it in a painting.

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  3. Wow! I am green with envy. Since we have no OLD buildings in the US. I would think that with such history around you it attaches to you, and you are richer for just being there.

  4. Have to love that inscription - it says it all!
    Agree with Laura - looking forward to another castle painting! Dawn

  5. Yes, Castles are a nice subject to paint. I shall look for a photograph of Broomhall Castle, last week's venue.


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