Sunday, 29 April 2012


This was a watercolour I experimented with a few months ago.  I titled it 'Together', which I think you will agree is quite apt.  Again it is minimalistic and loose to a point.  The three visible eyes have lots of detail in them.  The loose look of this is painting comes about because the areas surrounding their features has been treated quite boldly in a wet in wet technique.  Also, I have dispensed with the idea of adding any skin tone to either face.  There is a nice curved line running across the painting which defines the girl's forehead and cheekbone.  Someone commented on a website where this was on display that the painting is almost heart shaped.  That was unintentional on my part, but that idea does add something to it.


  1. I think this was the best piece you did in this series of portraits Brian the whole composition just works I love it!!!

  2. This works very well. The absence of detail other than the eyes leaves lots of space for the viewer participate. Lovely wet in wet and counterchange.

  3. Thanks Mick and Judith. Much appreciated.


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