Tuesday, 1 May 2012

More Scottish castles

I had a couple of comments about Scottish castles.  They are wonderful venues for weddings.  I couldn't find any of my old photos of Broomhall Castle nears Stirling, but I have published this photograph here, with the hope that the photograph's owner doesn't mind.
Broomhall Castle is just a fraction in size of its close neighbour, Stirling Castle.  They say that money is short in this country, but I can't begin to imagine what the cost would be to hire one of these venues for a wedding!
The grandest castle that I have worked in has got to be Edinburgh Castle.  I was working as a Silhouette Artist for a Scottish Business promotion in the castle's grand hall.  The first minister for Scotland, Alex Salmond was the host.
I remember that gig well as it began very strangely.  Edinburgh Castle, like Buckingham Palace in London, has a member of the armed forces on sentry duty at all times.  On that evening I walked all the way up to the massive front door without seeing anyone on duty.  There is a smaller access door within the main door.  I found this unlocked, so I continued into the castle itself.  It was a long walk up the cobbled road to the Grand Hall in the castle's ramparts, but no-one stopped me and asked me who I was, what I was doing and what was in my briefcase.  Very strange for a high profile event.
Anyway, the gig went well.  Alex Salmond's reaction to his silhouette cut was, 'Is that what I look like?'   Mmm - maybe he has fairground mirrors at his house.  :-)

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