Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sometimes a title is half the work

Rhapsody in blue.
That was the title - the rest was easy.  This little ink sketch was inspired by Gershwin's fantastic piano piece.  Two sweeps of a flat brush were enough to indicate a grand piano.  For the ink work, I used a plastic fork that I picked up at KFC's.  After breaking off three of the four prongs I used the remaining prong as a nib.  I deliberately set out to have an uncontrolled flow of ink on the paper.  I wouldn't recommend this for calligraphy, that's for sure!
I did a series of these last year - all musicians.  This one was my personal favourite.


  1. I think a title can make a painting and I wish I could get more inventive with them, check out Dave Hendry on IDAP, I really like his titles Genetics, freedom and trust.

  2. Beautiful line in this. I'll have to change to change my diet if I'm going to emulate your draughtsmanship.

  3. Thanks Judith. I will check that out.


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