Friday, 4 May 2012

Roman Holiday

I remember this day so well.  It was Bridget's birthday and we had treated ourselves to a few days in Rome.  We wouldn't have been there at all if it hadn't been for our win on the lottery  -  5 out of 6 numbers!

So our treat was four days in Rome.  The weather was sweltering and the Pope was giving a midweek audience, so we walked the short distance from our hotel to St Peter's.  The parasols were raised all over the place as way of a welcome shade.
I did a loose watercolour from one of the photographs I took on the day.  This painting was entered into a competition on the Paint my Photo website.  I'm happy to say that Jean Haines, (the judge), picked this painting as the winner.
The prize was a signed copy of Jean's first book. A little irony here, because the loose style of the painting was very much influenced by Jean's lessons in that very same book.  It goes without saying that I already owned a copy of her book, and now I have two.  Thanks Jean.  You have been a big big influence in many of my paintings.


  1. It's great reading the stories behind the paintings. It brings them even more to life in some ways.

  2. I remember this painting well, as soon as I saw it I knew you had the challenge in the bag!!!Full of colour life and atmosphere.

    We arrived at St Peters 20 minutes late for the Papel address one Sunday, the guide never told us the time and recommended we arrived back 30 minutes after the main show!!!

    The Vatican was closed too as it was a Sunday so didn't quite live up to expectations as I believe the Vatican is the best bit!!

  3. Lovely loose technique and glorious colour.


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