Tuesday, 1 May 2012


As a working caricaturist, I am well used to exaggerating certain features on subjects.  This watercolour of a little girl called Claire is, I believe, correct in all proportions.  The colour, however, has been boldly applied and exaggerated.
The soft tones on a child's face are very subtle in their movement from warm to cool.  I decided to forget all that I had previously learned about subtle watercolour washes.  Sometimes these bold experiments work, other times they don't.  Little Claire's grandmother loves this version of her image.  I am quite fond of it too.
Again it is the eyes, (The windows of the soul) which are the focal point.  As long as they have plenty of life in them, the other features can be treated with a boldness that you would not normally use.  Even though I have used strong juxta-positioned primary colours in what was essentially, blonde hair, it doesn't detract from the focal point, which is her eyes.

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