Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wrong pastels.

This a really old effort from me.   I bought a set of pastels years ago, thinking that they were the soft kind.  Turns out that it was oil pastels.    I had a pad with various shades of pastel paper for working on.  I blindly did a few pictures.  Had no idea what I was doing really!  I was studying some Rembrandt work at the time, so I had a go at copying one of his oil paintings.  The resulting creation, although the head is too large, ended up looking rather like the original.  I didn't have a black  crayon in the box, so I used a . . . wait  for it . . . An eyebrow pencil.  

Funny how things work out.  


  1. Brian this is fabulous. Love the ingenuity of the eye brow pencil. You should really do more of these with your twist on them.

  2. Yes I like it too Brian, eye brow pencil - thats thinking!

  3. everything is possible - even the eye brow pencil ....and I really love the "eye brow painting"


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